Review: Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins Tour

Concertreview Jonas Brothers - Happiness begins tour Antwerpen

On Saturday evening the Jonas Brothers performed in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. What a concert it was! It showed a beautiful musical and personal growth of Nick, Joe and Kevin compared to when they were young. The visuals, for example, showed videos of them meeting their younger selves. The show contained a lot of nostalgia with a high dose of happiness!

The concert started with the song Rollercoaster from their newest album Happiness Begins. This song is about how they were almost broke in California at the start of their careers. Although it was difficult back then, they sing that they would ride that rollercoaster all over again with each other. Also the words ‘happiness begins’ have a place in this song, which is the title of their tour and album.

After that a couple of their new and popular songs like Only Human and Cool followed. The stage had multiple paths they could walk on and two ends were very close to the crowd on the side. This way Nick, Joe and Kevin came very close several times. Not much later there was also room in the setlist for some older songs like S.O.S. and Fly With Me. This immediately brought a very nostalgic atmosphere in the arena!

After What A Man Gotta Do, also came Used To Be. After this song the brothers moved to the middle stage via a path through the crowd. At the middle stage they sang their new song Hesitate. The three brothers simply stood in a circle with three balloons that changed colors (probably with drones inside) above them. It was simple but that’s what made it special and dreamy.

At that stage Nick also sang his song Jealous, which he released as a solo artist during their break. Joe appeared to sing along at the end of the song. Right after this the two brothers sang Joe’s song Cake by the ocean, which he released with DNCE. There was a lot of confetti and sky dancers appeared at every corner of the arena. The stage simply screamed happiness and joy!

Another song the brothers sang was Comeback, which was followed by I believe. After this song they raised their glass combined with some thankful words to the fans. These fans then got to enjoy a trip down memory lane when the Jonas Brothers performed a medley of a diversity of songs from back in the years.

If you hadn’t fallen in love with them yet, then this definitely happened after the romantic song Lovebug. I think that every woman in the crowd thought Nick or Joe sang especially for them, even if it was just for a second. Of course, the singers probably didn’t see a thing as they were blinded by the lights but they sure made it look as if they were only looking at you every now and then.

The second last song set the Lotto Arena literally on fire! During Burnin’ up a warm glow came over us as flames were coming out of the stage. Of course this warmth could also have had something to do with the brothers themselves… To finish they performed their hit that defined their comeback: Sucker. And believe me, by the end of the show we were all suckers for the Jonas Brothers!