How the lockdown brings us digitally closer together

how the lockdown brings us digitally closer together

Now that the lockdown measures because of the new coronavirus are gradually relaxing, even though it will still take a long time before things go back to ‘normal’, I believe it’s time to take a look back on the past couple of weeks. 

Luckily there are digital solutions

I believe that in the last couple of weeks, it has become clear that most people are not used to being alone and are missing contact with their friends and families. I have to admit that for me it wasn’t that big of an adjustment. As an only child you’re used to spending time on your own and you grow up with many ways to keep yourself busy during holidays. On top of that, my classes continued online so I had enough things to do. Although, I have to admit that in times when going out to go grocery shopping even is a big challenge, it’s easy to lose track of the outside world.

Digital initiatives to keep us connected

Luckily there are many – digital – initiatives to entertain us while we all have to stay inside as much as possible. The first thing that pops into my mind is the ‘One World: Together At Home’ concert series of Global Citizen. The show – including artists from all over the world – focused on how we are all in this together *sings High School Musical* and raised a feeling of solidarity. It’s encouraging in some way to see we can still connect with each other in other ways online. I just hope that after all of this we remember this unity and focus more on that. These times have also made clear that we are very lucky to have this modern technology. What struck me most was how many possibilities there are. I hope we take what we have learned now, with us to the future. If certain work meetings or classes can be done from a distance, why not use this technology more often?

Try new things

Anyhow, these times definitely make you appreciate what you have even more. The lockdown has also made me try new things I don’t usually do or simply normally don’t have the time for. Some people started learning how to play an instrument or started reading more books, I particularly enjoyed following the online dance classes taught by Marissa Heart on Instagram Live. Even for beginners – like me – it’s fun and relatively easy to follow. During her classes, she always focuses on a positive message or something to keep in mind during these strange times. 

Instagram as a way to connect

I believe even people who are usually against social media, have learned to appreciate it more during these times. Without it, we would be completely isolated. Especially Instagram is a great platform to follow people from all over the world. Here are some accounts I particularly like to follow and why:

  • As previously mentioned: Follow Marissa Heart (IG: @marissaheart) who is based in L.A. for anything related to dance. Her classes are super fun to follow!
  • Someone else I like to follow is Katie One (IG: She makes the funniest, cutest and most creative videos in her Parisian apartment during the lockdown. 
  • If you love New York, there are two accounts to follow. First, Meghan Donovan (@meghandono). On her IG Stories, she takes you with her on her daily walks through Brooklyn and she shares a lot of cooking/baking recipes. The other account is Krystal Bick (@krystal_bick), she takes the most beautiful pictures based on a feeling or a classic movie. In addition, she shares the whole making process on her Stories. You’ll fall in love with New York even more when following her and reading her captions. 
  • If you’re looking for positive messages filled with happiness, you should follow Cassie Samji (@cassiesamji) who is based in London. Nothing but good vibes there! There are a lot of colorful, glittery pictures on her feed, but she shares the behind the scenes and her daily life on her Stories, which are very fun to watch. She is the most positive person I follow on Instagram. And who can’t use that and a little bit of magic these days?

I believe we should look at this side of Instagram a bit more instead of following people who are making it seem as if they are living a dream life when simply posting ‘nice pictures’. I love the accounts above because there’s a story behind it. Plus, I believe being part of a positive and honest Instragram ‘community’ can help some people feel less lonely these days and see more of the world while staying at home. 

All in all

I believe that it has become clear that life will not continue the same way it was before Covid-19. So it’s very important to keep focusing on the fact that we are – worldwide – dealing with the same problems. I hope this virus can bring us closer together, that way at least there would be something good about all of this. I hope that we now see we have to be kinder to each other in our everyday lives and have to take some time for ourselves too, even if you get caught in the busy rhythm of life. 

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