A personal look back on 2019

The new year has almost arrived which means it’s time for a look back on the past year. For me, 2019 started with obtaining my temporary driver’s license and ended with passing my driving test and getting my permanent one. Of course a lot has happened in between. My most memorable experience of 2019 definitely is my trip to New York City in April with my mom. Also the concert of Shawn Mendes will forever stay with me. Next was the youth exchange of the European Union in Porto. I look back at it with a big smile. I learned there’s nothing better than meeting new people and get to know their ways of living. I also realized there’s nothing I would prefer more than having more international experiences. I hope that’s what 2020, and the decade that begins, has in store!

Afterwards came a beautiful ending of my first year of journalism followed by a long summer. My summer was filled with several student jobs and even finding my first editorial student job. When my second year of journalism started, there were lots of deadlines but I managed to finish the semester well and fill in a range of assignments the way I wanted to. Meanwhile I turned nineteen and got to meet the king at the Royal Palace! 

Despite all the positives, there were also some negative aspects to this year. First my grandfather ended up in hospital and then my mom became heavily ill. Luckily they feel better now, but it has only become clear how important a good health is. For 2020 I wish a good health to everybody I love. I also hope for much more beautiful memories and experiences. 2020, moreover, is the start of the decade in which I will graduate from college and will build the base of the rest of my life. I don’t know how to picture my future but I know fate will bring me to where I’m supposed to be. 

To end, I hope the next chapter of 10 years will bring more tolerance and respect in society. I hope people will feel more connected again and stop generalizing and labeling each other. I simply hope for a better future with bright perspectives, but who doesn’t? 🙂 

I wish you already a fantastic New Year! Make it count! 

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