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Welcome to my website! I started my blog ‘Nikita’s World’ in 2018 when I first went to college to create a place to share my writings. Today ‘Nikita’s World’ has evolved into my own business (next to my job as an editor) where I can let my creative side bloom. Take a look below to discover what I can mean for you and your business.

A little bit more about me: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism (magna cum laude) and Tourism and Leisure Management (summa cum laude). Although I live near Brussels, Belgium, I left a piece of my heart in Washington D.C. where I lived for an internship. My debut novel was published in 2021 and is called ‘Op zoek’ (which is Dutch for ‘Searching for’) and currently I’m working on a second book. Many exciting things ahead, so stay tuned!

My motto: “Everything is possible, you just have to believe in yourself. Take every chance that comes your way and don’t forget to dream big!”


Journalism & copywriting

journalist, copywriter Nikita Goossens

There is little I love more than putting stories on paper (or screen). When you hire me to deliver a story, you can count on everything from research to finished product (in Dutch and English).

I treat each story with the respect it deserves and without sensationalism. I also like to use my talent for storytelling to address important topics such as gender (in)equality. After all, I firmly believe there lies an enormous amount of power in words.

Social media management

social media manager Nikita Goossens

As a an organization, your online presence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn… is becoming increasingly important. It is a way to keep existing customers involved and to attract new ones.

If you hire me, I develop a customized strategy for you and execute it with a personal touch. If not yet in place, I also create a corporate identity that perfectly reflects the DNA of your company. I focus on small and medium-sized interprises.

B2B event planning & support

Is your organization in need of temporary reinforcement for an event? With my excellent organizational skills, eye for detail and efficiency, I make sure your event becomes a success.

I focus on events in the nonprofit sector, tourism industry and publishing/book world. You can also hire me for public speaking at your event (such as a live interview or presentation). I would be happy to discuss the options with you.

About my debut novel

The story is about Kate and Noah, who are about to graduate from high school. They are searching for what they want in life, for love but mostly for themselves.

Growing up is not easy and specifically when transitioning from high school to higher education there is a lot of doubt. How will Noah and Kate nevertheless find their place in the world? And how do they do that without losing themselves?

Although the characters are very different, in the end, they are going through the exact same thing. An enjoyable, honest and captivating novel that is fit for everyone. Currently only available in Dutch, but who knows in the future! 😉

Op zoek Nikita Goossens
Op zoek Nikita Goossens

If you want to get in touch and/or receive updates about everything I do, you can follow me on Facebook (this page is about my debut novel and this one about my business and blog) and Instagram. You can also email me your questions.

My blog

Most of my blogposts are in Dutch, but these are the ones in English:

I also did a blog series on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, titled ‘The Inspiring Women Series’, with portraits of women I look up to. Women’s work is still far too often inadequately recognized, which is why I wanted to highlight some inspiring women on my blog. The series features women with different backgrounds, each making history in their own way. You can find the portraits by clicking on the pictures below.