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Welcome to my website! I set up my blog ‘Nikita’s World’ at the start of my studies in Journalism in 2018 to have a place to share my writings.

In the meantime I graduated (today I am following another course, Tourism and Leisure Management) and became a published author. My debut novel ‘Op zoek’ (which is Dutch for ‘Searching for’) is now available everywhere in Belgium and abroad through online stores. The whole process has been an amazing adventure so far!

This website bundles everything that keeps me busy. So I would say: welcome to my world!

My motto: “Everything is possible, you just have to believe in yourself. Take every chance that comes your way and don’t forget to dream big!”

If you want to get in touch and/or receive updates about everything I do, you can follow me on Facebook (this page is about my debut novel and this one about my blog) and Instagram. You can also email me your questions.

About my debut novel

The story is about Kate and Noah, who are about to graduate from high school. They are searching for what they want in life, for love but mostly for themselves.

Growing up is not easy and specifically when transitioning from high school to higher education there is a lot of doubt. How will Noah and Kate nevertheless find their place in the world? And how do they do that without losing themselves?

Although the characters are very different, in the end, they are going through the exact same thing. An enjoyable, honest and captivating novel that is fit for everyone. Currently only available in Dutch, but who knows in the future! 😉

Op zoek Nikita Goossens
Op zoek Nikita Goossens

My blog

Most of my blogposts are in Dutch, but these are the ones in English. I also did a blog series once about women I look up to: “The Inspiring Women Series”, which was both in Dutch and English. You can also find these portraits below.

Overview blogposts

The Inspiring Women Series

Since the work of women way too often is not recognized properly, I’m starting a two-weekly ‘Inspiring Women Series’. Starting from March 7th 2021, the day before International Women’s Day, I will be sharing portraits from inspiring women every two weeks.

I will highlight women of different cultures and with different backgrounds. Those women can be active in fighting for women’s rights, human rights, rights of refugees, peace or a better world in general, but they can also be the first woman in a certain job… They can be politicians, actresses, musicians, lawyers, lobbyists… The list goes on and on because there are so many ways to, and so many people who, make a difference in this world.

Although many women from the past have achieved enormous amounts of change, for this series I focus on women who are alive and make history today. This way we can learn about what they do, recognize their work and maybe even support them in a certain way (this can already be by doing a small thing like following this woman on social media). It is going to be a very educational and inspiring journey and I am glad I can take you with me.

I would also love to hear your input. Let me know if you think about a certain woman who should definitely be on the list! In the end, we can all learn a lot from each other.